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fleeting plant combinations, accidental and planned

Sometimes I have a plan to combine particular shapes and colours in the ongoing search for perfection - whatever that means. But usually it doesn't work out  because plants have their own minds, or their own designs. They might comply with me for a season or two, but then they do their own thing. And sometimes I adore that thing ... while it lasts ...

Lychnis, a perennial, disappears for a bit then pops up in unexpected places. The wallflowers are in flower in winter and spring. When they flower together and next to each other, the colour combination is wonderful. There was a time when bright pink and orange combination didn't appeal. Now I love it, especially next to the lacy santolina leaves (bottom left).

In this picture there are five plants to be seen. On the whole they are fairly ordinary, common plants. Overseen by a rabbit security guard, together they combine to make a very pretty picture. Starting to the right of Rabbit, going clockwise, rosemary is the backdrop, da…

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