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breaking up is hard to do

  For 10 years I wrote about my nature thoughts, beliefs, values and experiences. For 10 years I 'met' and made friends with other bloggers from all over the world. Endings are painful, scary, exciting, opportunities for change. Blogging has been a wonderful experience. Being a blogger even became part of my identity. I'm still gardening, but don't have the same need to write or take photos. It's enough to do it. It still makes me happy, but I can't do it for hours on end any more. At my age, I suppose I'm lucky I can do it at all. I am aware that a blog is not a physical object like a book, so it doesn't need to be finished. It can just be left, floating around in cyberspace (wherever that is) with billions of other virtual artefacts.  Artefact ( The Oxford English Dictionary): "an object that is made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest." I want to complete this artefact with a final post. I wonde

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