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blogging as a way of life

Am I the only blogger who thinks about the extra time they would get if they stopped blogging? In a few months it will be a decade since I went beyond my comfort zone and ventured into the blogosphere, not really sure what I was doing and what it would lead to.

Now, 9 and a half years later, it's more than a project. Being a blogger is one of multiple identities, and one that gives enormous satisfaction. I enjoy expressing my thoughts in writing. I enjoy having a reason to take photos.

If I stopped blogging what would I do with all my ideas and notes for future blog posts? In 2012 I wrote a post called 6 posts I probably won't write I never did write them.

In my drafts folder currently there is stuff on our relationship with insects, the importance of tree hollows and photos I took at an interesting art installation about 6 months ago. When I was in Myanmar recently I took lots of tree photos and thought of writing a post about the cultural meaning of trees there. Will I wr…

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