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Judy's case moth

My friend Judy sent me a photo of an unexpected bit of nature attached to her house. 'It's a cocoon', she said, 'isn't that cool' - knowing that I would be suitably thrilled too.

'It's a case moth', I emailed her. 'Keep an eye on it. You might catch it moving around, or with its head sticking out.' But Judy was not impressed. She doesn't like moths, was hoping it would turn out to be a beautiful butterfly.

The cases of case moths are spun out of silk, and leaves, sticks and other materials are attached for camouflage. (Judy's case moth is obviously seriously challenged in relation to camouflage!)

There are several species, and which species Judy's belongs to is not known for sure, although it is probably Saunders' Case Moth, which is native to Australia. (Saunders' Case Moths like to use twigs). Even for an expert - which I'm not - it's hard to identify the various species. That's because even though each spe…

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