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the next generation learns about nature

The idea for this post started when I received an invitation to an exhibition.

The Living Things Exhibition was held at the the local primary school that my grandsons attend. All the children in Grades 1 and 2 participated. The idea was to choose an animal, bird, fish or insect and create a diorama with information about it. The animal Sam chose was a pig.

Learning facts about the natural world is probably more important than ever in our urbanized world, damaged ecosystems and the extinction, and threatened extinction, of many species. Even more than information, what matters, I think, is to instil a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world, so that these children become the eco warriors of the future.

A few children chose Australian native animals but, not surprisingly, many chose large exotic mammals, such as leopards, rhinos, pandas, gorillas and giraffes. Some chose marine animals, such as catfish and sea turtles. Insects weren't featured much, although I did see …

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