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where the Birrarung River meets Merri Creek

At Dights Falls, where, the Birrarung (Yarra) River, meets Merri Creek, there is a mural created in collaboration with the Wurundjeri People, whose Elders granted permission for use of the Woiwurrung language and stories. 

"Dights Falls is a very special place for the Wurrundjeri People and others. Where the river narrowed, it allowed access to cross the river, to trap fish and eels, and as a meeting place of some significance."

"The eels were there,  they were everywhere. There were big ones, there were little ones. The people cooked them up.

Trap them,
skin them, cut them up, fry them."

There is beauty and power in the painted words and images, but the paint is peeling and the mural is in need of restoration.


"A beautiful little blue bird was standing on a branch that was
moving gently in the breeze, he was close to us, watching us
my sister and were yarning near the waterways. 'Sister, look how beautiful the
rocks are here. Think of all the ti…

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