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four boys and a garden

Take 3 boys, aged between 7 and 10. Give them a garden for imagining, and some chalk. I was aware there was a lot of running around, but it wasn't till the next day that I wondered into the garden and found mysterious letters chalked all over the place. MPP - what could it mean? 

I asked and got the answer: Major Piggy Power. What is Major Piggy Power? I asked Dr Google. I learned that it is a very funny film, highly suitable for children.

What made them enact this in the garden? It must have been the pig. When I caught sight of the pig in an opportunity shop, it was love at first sight. That pig has depth and character, and the boys must have been astute enough to recognize its qualities.

The next day I found out that only the 9 year old knew that Major Piggy Power was a film. The other boys saw it as a secret password and had no idea there was a film of the same name.

Meanwhile, the 4 year old wasn't quite up to writing on the stones in the garden.  Children that age love p…

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