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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

deadly mating



  1. What a way to go I suppose .... lol

  2. Your post had me looking up the reasons for cannibalism in spiders. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the subject but, as expected, most explanations seem to stem from the evolutionary advantage provided by the "sacrifice." Thanks for providing a learning opportunity!

  3. Oh i didn't know that they are like praying mantis too! It is my first time to hear that, and i also like the comments above by Kris Peterson. Searching is also my first thought but after reading his comment i just let it. However, the next time i see this long legs i will observe mor, thanks.


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