the earth will survive us

With so many terrible things happening in the world, it feels important to share something optimistic yet realistic, from a guy who really knows what he's talking about, having seen the Earth from another perspective ...

"The world is immensely stable and ancient and self regenerating. It's withstood far worse things than us." 

So said Chris Hadfield recently.  Chris was the Canadian commander of the International Space Station.

 Let's hope he's right.

My spirit was re-charged during my trip to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It's an ancient land, barely habited by human beings. A place of majestic gorges, rocks and trees. A perfect place for a nature fix. These photos are the sky taken at sunrise and sunset in the Flinders Ranges. More about the Flinders Ranges and more photos later ...


  1. I, too, hope Chris is right. Everywhere you turn, corporations in search of profit are doing terrible things to the earth.

  2. I'm glad you had a re-charge! It sounds like a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to hear more about it. Sometimes I'm optimistic about the long-term fate of the world, and other times I'm pessimistic. I hope Chris is right, too.

  3. Let us all hope that he is right. When you think what "man" has done to the planet, it makes you wonder.
    Your trip sounds good, getting back to nature is always good for the soul. I look forward to hearing more about it.

  4. We each do our little bit, and we hope, together.
    More Flinders please!

  5. I have been thinking lately that the earth cannot survive us. Humans are so destructive. I've been meaning to visit the Flinders Ranges again - Australia is full of beauty, I can't see why our government doesn't value it.
    --littlekarstar (aka Mrs Bok)

  6. Oh your trip sounds see such ancient land...and I do hope the Commander is right and the earth can withstand us.

  7. Yes, Sue, I'd love to see more of the Flinders Ranges also!

  8. I hope he's right. We're doing such a good job of destroying it. But it's amazing to think there are still places barely touched by man. We need more of them.

  9. I too am looking forward to future posts of your trip to this untouched land! He is right, there will be equilibrium in the system but it may not include the same life forms. We may make our environment toxic to many species, including humans but the earth will survive and regenerate itself.


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