kind of garden bloggers bloom day March 2012

It was only 6 months ago that I was so pleased to have finally joined the wonderful and popular meme hosted by Carol of May Gardens. But it's not working for me ... I can't stick to the calendar and my posts cover much more than flowers - in fact, I'm including anything I want to show in the garden, at any time of the month.

So can I still call it GBBD? How far can you go outside the square and still be part of the meme?

So here's the latest garden update, whatever  it's called ...

My new little Pomegranate tree getting ready for its first autumn shedding
A tangle of self seeded echium, society garlic, parsley and garlic chives
I thought the rainbow fern was dying, but joy! babies appear and slowly uncurl
Severely cut back echium, blue fescue, violets, new and old rainbow fern, acacia itypheallea in the back
Gradually the fence is starting to be covered. On the right the blue grevillea  is nearly up the middle of the fence, and the pittosporum on the right is up to the top of the fence.
Correa 'Dusky Bells' not seeming too bothered by the aggressive encroaching violets
Self seeded Verbascum bombyciferum or Silver Mullein. Since it's a biennial I don't really mind where it plants itself because it's only there temporarily before it moves on.
The large butterfly is part of the Metallicus family.  Recommended if you don't want to be bothered by caterpillars.
Mixed border without flowers with different shades of green and grey and different shaped leaves.  Gaps where  changes, re-arrangements in process.
This poor little smoke bush looks quite healthy but is actually being pushed over by the hyperactive violets. As soon as it drops its leaves, which will be in a couple of months, I will move it into a nearby violet-free space where it can stretch out luxuriantly.
Watch this space - lots of little things, won't take long to fill up again - I hope!
This is the plant that a friend has said looks like a sea anemone It is going to grow 2 - 3 metres in the next few weeks. I think it should look spectacular with the artichoke nearby. It's another biennual - Echium wildpretti


  1. Have to admit, I like the non blooming aspect of the garden more than the flowers. Love the different shades that are showing now in your garden. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You can post whatever you choose for GBBD...great foliage coming to life!

  3. I can't ever seem to get with the program on GBBD, either. Once in a while it happens, though. I love the shades of green in your photos. And thanks for your well wishes. It's been an interesting experience to have 4 kids and then become an invalid for a few months, but I'm doing better now and our family has learned many good lessons. I'd wish you happy spring, like the other bloggers I've been visiting, but you live on the wrong side of the world for that ;-) So enjoy your autumn instead!

  4. You can bounce out of the box to 2 foliage memes. Pam at Digging does Foliage Followup on the 16th. And there's another much later in the month. Couple of End of Month garden view memes too. We make of memes what we want to. I take it you are happily back in your garden?!

  5. Lovely, gentle plantings, Catmint, whatever meme they conform to. A sanctuary.

  6. I love the echium in the last photo, such beautiful flowing lines. Yes, it does look like a sea anemone!

  7. Good to have you back Catmint,love all your foliage, like you I allow the Verbascum to stay where it chooses, with its really beautiful leaves.Your echium is also fantastic, please show us the flower when it appears!

  8. I couldn't believe all the violets under your smoke tree! Amazing! I really like the "metallicus" butterfly, too! :) Your garden is looking very nice. Love all the different colors and textures of green.

  9. Your garden looks gorgeous and dont worry about the meme thingy I have trouble sticking to something like that too, although not all that blooms is a flower. I hope you are feeling better and recovering from your "sick leave" take care Catmint!xx

  10. Dear John, I too love often prefer more restful foliage than flowers.

    Hi Donna, thanks Donna, everything coming to life, except the butterfly metallicus, now that would be scary!

    Hi VW, welcome back, I missed you. I've been through my own health woes, but without dependent children it's not quite the same.

    Hi Diana, I've been thinking of joining other memes, but I find it so difficult just keeping up with one ... thanks for asking, I'm not yet back in my garden except for looking and taking photos in sedate standing or sitting positions.

    Hi Faisal, thanks so much. A sanctuary for me, wildlife and other visitors is the idea.

    Thanks, Elaine. I've never grown that echium before, it is very intriguing.

    dear Pauline, you can be sure I shall offer frequent progress reports of the echium.

    Thanks for the comment and visit, Holley.

    Hi Serena, still on sick leave, bits of the garden look gorgeous, but I like to think it's missing me as much as I'm missing it...

    cheers, cm

  11. Aw, how mean would it be not to allow this lovely post. I like your smoke bush, we have a red leafed form which does indeed only produce leaves.

  12. I'm glad to see you back blogging, too! Your garden looks great, and I do like that butterfly. I've thought about joining Carol's GBBD meme, but I have a lot more flowers than discipline, so I don't think I'd stick with it.

  13. I have so many deadlines related to work that I don't impose blog related ones on myself. It's your fabulous blog! Do what you want! I'll have to keep an eye out for the Metallicus family of butterflies. :o)

  14. I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Thanks for sharing your garden with all of us!

  15. Hello catmint, how are you doing? Your garden is still looking attractive and... the bench is clean ;-) The plants in the last photo are beautiful. Can't wait for your Echium wildpretti to flower ;-) Meanwhile, have a wonderful week!

  16. Dear Alastair, smoke bushes come in lots of different shades. I suppose yours is male and that's why it doesn't produce the smoky tiny seeds? (I don't really understand plant sexuality - your tree must produce something other than leaves?)

    Hi Lyn, I think it's a great idea, I think I will keep it up but kind of on my own terms.

    Thanks for the compliment, CM - if you do spot a butterfly Metallicus, you'll find you can get close and personal because they don't move much - even at all!

    Thanks Wendy, for dropping by, and the comment.

    HI Elaine, I'm honoured. I accept.

    Hi Steph, my weeks are still not wonderful, but slowly getting wonderfuller.

    cheers, cm


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