spiders in glass houses

In front of the windows of the blogger's study grows a self seeded leptospermum tree.

The windows are sliding windows. When they are closed there are two sheets of overlapping glass. Some spiders live inside the glass.

Although there is no privacy, there are compensatory advantages for the spiders.

At night, the light shines through the sheer blinds, attracting all manner of insects. These insects get caught in the spider webs.

Being inside the glass means that the spiders are protected from dangerous spider-eating predators, such as other spiders, wasps and birds.

The glass and the webs become a food cupboard for the spiders.

Luckily for the spiders, the people in the house don't mind if there are lots of cobwebs and don't bother to wipe them away. Even though their mother, mother in law and several friends think they should clean the windows, they don't do it in order to protect the spiders.


  1. They're too valuable to knock down! They've certainly found a great spot to lie in wait.

  2. I bet it's interesting to look and see what the spider is doing. I wouldn't knock it down, either. Non-gardeners just don't understand!

  3. would love to have heard the Argument in Defence of Window Spiders. I hasten to add, I DO agree with you.

  4. I am happy that those good spiders found a safe place to eat and rest ;-)

  5. Good for you, too many good guys get swept away in the name of tidiness! Live and let live is what I say.

  6. We have several spiders walking around the house lately.


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