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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Friday, 24 February 2012

a garden tail

I love being in the garden in the silvery night light.


Last night I was delighted to catch sight of a passing tail.

The next day I was surprised and delighted to see a sleepy tail. 

I think it was the same tail. It was definitely the same tree.

Sleep tight, little possum.


  1. Delightful, isn't it Catmint, to have possums...like you, to me they're an integral part of the garden, and partly what motivates me to keep the garden healthy and alive.

  2. Oh how lovely to have a Possum in your garden.

  3. It does look like the possum starting to trust and be very comfortable when you are near. Very cute!

  4. Hi Faisal, yes ... and they're so cute!

    Hi Cathy, I think I'm lucky, but many people hate them because they often eat their plants.

    Hi Diana, If the possum is so friendly, why does it always turn its behind on me? (lol)

    cheers, catmint

  5. I love being outside in the dark walking around period. My next door neighbor thinks I'm nuts but I feel totally safe and everything seems sort of magical in the dark.

    Now, I'm not necessarily in love with the darks nightlife...

  6. Fun photos, Catmint! And Your possums have much more beautiful tails than ours - with their skinny, hairless tails!

  7. Very cool!!! You are so lucky to have a new friend hanging around:) This would make me smile.

  8. Thats what I like about gardening, sharing it with the local wildlife and gaining their trust. Is that a special possum box that you have or has it taken it over from something else?

  9. That's so cute hehe... The tail tells it all. I think the little fellow feels right at home on your tree.

  10. How cute! It certainly seems happy in your garden.

  11. Looks like you have a house guest - how lovely. Your Possum is not too good at hiding itself - that tail is a give away!

  12. dear Jess, I agree, everything seems quite magical in the light, i wish I could turn off the street light.

    Dear Shady, I hope your possums don't read this blog, they will get an inferiority complex!

    Dear Chris, I thought the tail hanging out was so-o-o funny, it didn't stay out for long, I guess Poss turned over. I feel lucky. And yet these animals are widely hated!

    Hi Pauline, that box was meant for an owl - and owls eat possums, so luckily for the possum it was empty. I have got another for possums and they use that sometimes. They have a few nests in tall trees and sometimes sleep in them as well.

    thanks, Steph. I love your chuckle.

    hi Tina, yes, plenty to eat.

    Hi EG, yes - not very clever possum I think, way too relaxed and trusting. let's hope he never comes across nasty humans or typical cats.


  13. I'm glad you have your camera ready to go....love the fuzzy tale!

  14. A possum, aw we don't get them. Send some over.

  15. A possum, aw we don't get them. Send some over.

  16. Your possums are different than ours. Ours don't climb trees and have naked rat tails. I'm so glad you share your garden with the animals. Our gardens are richer for them!


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