posts I won't write

Since I started the blog I've been collecting information to use in posts. The collection grows but there always seems to be something more urgent and immediate to write about.  And the scraps of paper and notes on my computer nag at me, demanding recognition.

In an attempt to stop their nagging, I will list some of them in this post and then dispose of them - mentally (hopefully), physically (probably) and emotionally (possibly).

1.  Vertical gardens
2.  The story of Elspeth Thompson, gardener and garden writer who committed suicide in 2010.
3.  Roof gardens
4.  The story of the garden of Alnwick Castle and the Duchess of Northumberland
5.  Music inspired by gardens, e.g. Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Greensleeves, Debussy's Gardens in the Rain and Delius' The Walk to Paradise Garden
6.  Myths about the venomousness of Australian spiders
7.  Attracting Australian native birds by planting native bird attracting plants
8.  Microbats in Melbourne
9.  Bats and the Hendra virus
10. David Worrall and the Archive of Natural and Everyday Australian Sounds (ANEAS)
11. Endangered species
12. Breeding and eating snails (
13. Light pollution and the International Dark Sky Association
14. Using coffee grounds in the compost (
15. Edible weeds and flowers


  1. That's a very good idea. Hope you feel lighter now. Freedom ahead to write whatever you wish to. BTW, I did spend lots of time and energy with coffee ground over a period of few months. Have wrote about them before. I believe in experiencing before writing.

  2. A lot of those sound really interesting and I'd certainly read them.

  3. I was surprised to learn how many weeds here in my garden are actually edible! What better way to get rid of them! Interesting ideas and I always enjoying reading your posts.

  4. Yes!!! That sounds exciting. I do the same thing. I schedule all my writes, hikes and lectures according to topics and themes. So I'll schedule the write and then discover that something in the garden happened that I need to write about and then do a double post on the same day because you can't schedule the garden results at different times or people would be confused....they ask questions like , "Why is his bamboo growing in January?" LOL!!! But seriously....your topics sound exciting and I look forward to reading them:)

  5. What an interesting list. I dont plan my blog as I know some people do as I would end up like you with too many unwritten posts haunting me. II tend to just blog when something occurs to me. Luckily my job keeps me busy so I dont have much time to think about blog posts!!

  6. I have a little list. For which I collect links. And photos. And what rises to the top is my next post. Kind of like reading a few books at once, the ideas simmer at the back of my mind, until ready to serve.

    Hope that some of these will be ready to serve to us in the future.

  7. Hi from snowy South Dakota - I once went on a "eat wild weeds" adventure....some weeds like portulaca taste pretty good! Thanks for the memory

  8. Interesting list. I'd love to learn about venoumous Australian spiders.

  9. I couldn't resist the title of this post! My usual method is to get ideas for posts when I am somewhere I can't write them down, and then forget about them later. Then I sit at the computer, trying to come up with something to write about. I think the method needs work. As for Australian venomous spiders, everyone knows that all Australian spiders, like Australian snakes, are friendly and harmless and make good pets.

  10. thanks Faisal, I would love to tell you more, even if it's only a list of topics.

    Dear One, I love your blog, and will check out the coffee grounds post.

    Dear Hermes, thanks for the comment.

    Dear TVF, that topic is very interesting. I also am interested in edible insects - in Asia they eat insects that we struggle with as pests.

    Dear Rohrerbot, I tend to only write one or two posts a week because of time constraints so that makes it harder to choose what to write about.

    dear PG, it's interesting how we all do things differently, work out what works for us.

    Dear Diana, you put it very well - it is like that, some topic just rises to the top and says: write me!

    Dear Gloria, that sounds like a very interesting experience. I guess a succulent like portulacca would also quench your thirst?

    Hi Tina, it fascinates me too.

    Hi Lyn, thanks for the good laugh.

    cheers, catmint

  11. There are so many subjects here that I would love you to write about - please don't get rid of them - although i can do without snail farming !

  12. I can see why these topics are gnawing at you....they sound most interesting.

  13. Dear Pauline, i am quite shocked that you show such disregard for the joys of snail farming and eating lol.

    Dear Darla, thank you for your comment and visit.

    cheers, catmint

  14. It’s funny that you’ve listed “Music inspired by gardens” because I too have been contemplating this and Debussy’s “Gardens in the Rain” are among my favorite pieces. But I’ve actually been trying to find the exact opposite. In other words, I’ve been trying to find information about gardens that were inspired by music and some other performing arts.

    It is my opinion that gardens, even in times of silence, are ever so lyrical. Therefore it goes without saying that gardens and music go hand in hand.

  15. Different season in life brings different ideas, wisdom and passion. I am think it is the same for everyone ;-) Good objective!

  16. Dear Hanna, that is an interesting comment, I suppose creativity is holistic, and multidirectional, I never thought how music might inspire gardens, only the opposite. But I know a wonderful children's playground that is also a garden and has lots of sound play.

    Dear Steph, thanks for the comment and visit.

    cheers, catmint

  17. oh my gosh - what a great exercise. I am an avid list maker and sometimes it's nice to just dump it. Life will still go on, right? Sometimes with blogging topics, I find they sit for a while and you lose interest. that's no fun for the blogger at all, right? This was really funny that you did this. i love it!

  18. Hi wendy, you're right, I couldn't have called this post Dumping. cheers, c


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