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Growling Grass Frog (Wikipedia)

How to get the balance right?

In Melbourne one current issue is Frogs versus Developers. On one side is an endangered frog species, supported by the conservation lobby. On the other side are developers, keen to convert green spaces into more housing for the city's growing population.  The urban area sprawls and sprawls, and frogs and other wildlife find themselves in an ecosystem inhospitable for their survival.

Is a compromise possible between the frog supporters and the developers? Or is it a zero sum game? Do the developers even understand why the growling grass frog matters?  Is it a conflict of basic values?

There's a lot of money at stake.  The state government supports the developers. They argue that 1. the frog isn't really endangered and 2. if the present policy is rejected, it will cause land prices to rise.

The fierce lobbying and debate continue ...  go, frogs.

Balance? by Julio Carrion Cueva, from Peru

Thirsty Earth, by Miguel Villalba Sanchez (Elchicotriste)
from Spain 
Both of these cartoonists are part of - a global network of political cartoonists who believe in and illustrate that ...  

There is more than one truth.


  1. We need both on this Earth. It is always put as either / or. We need Frogs too.

  2. A subject which is very close to my heart, don't get me started! Of course humans need houses but the wildlife was here before us, a way has to be found so that we can both live together. Here in the UK there are thousands of empty houses, does everyone have to have a new house? Your Growling Grass Frog has a right to his home too.

  3. It's time, to me Catmint, that development stopped and took heed of what it purports to do. It is not 'development' if we are decimating the world.
    Why not, for once, can't we have it that development ceases and the life it would have wiped out be allowed to thrive?
    We do everything back to front.
    I don't want to inherit an earth devoid of life, for it is a dead inheritance.
    Of course, human beings are so enslaved by money they would sell their own souls.

  4. That almighty dollar just seems to be so blinding! Oh for the day when it doesn't win hands down over gorgeous creatures like this frog.

  5. Why can't we have a grassroots green movement to revitalise failing suburbs and neighbourhoods? And delight in green lungs and parks for wildlife. We have a new biodiversity park in Green Point near the flatland in Sea Point.

  6. I thought I would share a video shown to me by my wife just a few weeks ago:

    This is an ad from one of the top business universities in our country asking us, the alumni, to be more socially and environmentally responsible.

  7. This is such a hard thing. I've seen extremists on both sides commit fraud to prove their point up in the Adirondacks where I have a cabin.

    And here in Charleston, where everyone is so preservation minded it does look like 1835 here.. but at the same time we are NOT allowed to remove our 18th century windows and replace them with anything that might actually keep the wind and the cold and the noise out.... turning us into one of the least 'green' cities on the east coast.

    But on the flip side, so many paved paradises get built each day, and we wonder why mountain lions and alligators are encroaching on our golf courses....

  8. Ah when money is in stake nothing seems to be endangered and so many excuses the government will used to convince the public. But when some very exotic endangered species attract tourisms and money come pouring then they will consider.

  9. Great post. Thanks for sharing the artists too.

  10. Dear Cyberfriends, we are all in agreement, which is lovely but it really is preaching to the converted, isn't it?
    thank you to Bom and Diana, in particular, for reminding me that there are good things happening too. cheers, catmint

  11. Oh the Thirsty Earth cartoon is so moving. It's good that many from different vocation is taking Mother Earth seriously.

  12. Hi Steph, yes i love that cartoon too.


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