it's not fun

Blogging for me is not about making money. It's supposed to be for fun.

It's not fun when photos are replaced by sinister black squares with exclamation marks in their middle and you don't understand why or how to fix it.

It's not fun losing your favourite photo of  fluffy cosy possums sleeping in their nesting box because you didn't back it up.

It's not fun when different browsers do different things with your blog's photos and you dont' understand why or how to fix it. Firefox is the browser that Blogspot recommends but I find it the worst. Photos I load either are weirdly large or nonexistent.  Chrome used to be more reliable but  now it's got nearly as many black squares where photos used to be as the other browsers.

It's not fun when you don't know if you've been hacked or whether you're just not computer literate enough to solve the problems.

It's not fun ...


  1. I feel so sad for you, I wish I could help. I have found Firefox to be the best when publishing. Do you use Picasa? Great free software that auto backs up your photos and works very well with Blogspot. Also in edit mode on blogspot, right click on your photos to change the size of the image. You can also html edit and enter your own size dimensions for each photo. Remember too that you can always go to Blogspots Forum with a question and if you leave your URL they will look at your blog and give you a solution. Hope that helps. The answers to your woes are out there... keep trying.

  2. I see what you mean, in your previous post, Catmint. I don't know much about it all either. Can't you go into 'Edit Posts' and delete these black images, and replace them with the originals you had before? I've been able to do this when something hasn't gone right.

  3. How awful and depressing.

    The pictures I upload onto my blog automatically get stored on Picassa (which is the default option for Blogger). If ever they go missing on the blog, they can be retrieved from there.

    I have no idea what's happened to the pictures on your blog - but I do hope you find a way to sort the problem and hope you don't get too frustrated in the process. With the amount of work that goes into it - it matters.

  4. And try getting any sort of answer from Blogger / Google or anyone else.

  5. I've seen those black pics more and more aswell. I never upload my photos from my blogger blog directly from my computer. I always use photobucket or else flickr and I take either the direct link url or the html code and post that on my blog. I would do that with your previous photos and republish the post again.

    Hope that helps :)

  6. Take a deep breath and try again tomorrow. Sometimes, the mysteries resolve themselves.

    You've still got your original copy of the possums? So you could delete and reload?

    And we all KNOW the possums were here, we DID see them.


    Seems there is a new problem. I use Google Chrome, seems OK. If you add yours to the list, it might get sorted sooner.

  8. Catmint,
    How timely! I've been locked in battle all day today with configuring (umm, let's say "trying to configure") my blogger blog with the NEW interface,
    and trying to find the energy to work on my web site.
    Sometimes it really does seem like too much effort, especially when the early rains have paused and I could be walking in the Open Space.
    I love conjuring up images of your garden landscape.

  9. I feel for you, it must be so frustrating.I would be useless at giving advice re.computers, luckily I would just phone my son and leave him to sort it.The advoce you have had about deleting and reloading makes sense to me.Hope you get it sorted soon.

  10. thank you dear cyberfriends for your encouragement as well as practical advice. You have all helped me so much and I really appreciate it. I've responded by going away and doing real gardening for a day. I really thought seriously about giving up the blog, but now I'm ready to try to solve the problem. I guess it's like how undesirable but uncontrollable things happen in the garden, like insect attack or harsh weather. Hissy fit over, replaced by weariness.
    cheers (with an effort), catmint

  11. I'm having the same problem with some of my older posts from when I used to use Picasa. I now use Flickr and have had no problems with it as long as I don't change the location in Flickr after I post the photos I'm good. It is frustrating to have broken links. When I find lost photos I usually just remove the link altogether. I don't know why it has been happening so much lately.

  12. I'm so glad I saw your sleeping possum before it disappeared! I was so jealous of you when I saw him in his little box :) I hope you find the answers and I wish I could help.

  13. thanks for your concern and helpful comments Tina and Re. cheers, cm


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