Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2011

Spring started soft and lovely, sap rising prolifically ...  then came a cold wet period. But I didn't mind because I'd finished spreading compost and knew the worms would appreciate the moisture.

blue bluebells and blue grape hyacinths, orange wallflowers
 and in front greenish-yellow euphorbia martinii
buddleia silver anniversary
white banksia rose - look, no thorns!
correa dusky bells with forget me nots
love in the mist surrounded by forget me nots
a study in blue
Campanula poscharskyana or Serbian bellflower
Lasiopetalum macrophylum or velvet bush
Thryptomene saxicola alba
nasturtiums to add peppery taste and edible flowers to salad
blue bells
Gastrolobium melanopetalum
Philotheca myoporoides
Cistus x skanbergii
Lavatera maritima

... appreciation to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting GBBD.


  1. It's all looking healthy, Catmint...reward for your labour.

  2. The Gastrolobium looks fantastic! I might have to get one!

    Its all looking very colourful catmint!

  3. You've got some gorgeous spring blooms out at the moment. I just love your Bluebell/Hyacinth/Wallflower/Euphorbia planting. Such a great colour combination. Your Banksia Rose caught my eye. It's a stunner. Of course I always love seeing the Thryptomene in full bloom. It's simply beautiful.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the song of the Little Shrike Thrush so much. There's a couple of them hanging around at the moment and their song is my alarm clock at the moment.

  4. Happy GBBD! You have beautiful blooms! Cheers, Jenni

  5. Your plants are looking wonderful Catmint, thank you for sharing your spring with us as our gardens are winding down ready for winter, you will keep us going with your photos! Loved the Hellebores, Bluebells,Nigella and Forget me nots, is this to remind you of the old country!!

  6. Oh wow catmint! Your garden is filled with so many gorgeous and pretty blooms. I find cistus really pleasing. I have only come across this bush in the books. Btw, your photos are really good as well. This weekend, have the wonderful time in your garden :-D

  7. Got bedazzled by admiring all lovely blooms from your garden. Hellebores are so lovely.

  8. Beautiful blooms for you this September. I like your study in blue. Happy GBBD!

  9. I'm so jealous. Spring is my favorite season. And your spring blooms are pure heaven.

    What I need is a vacation home in the opposite hemisphere from where we live now... so I could travel between the two and always be in sprin-summer SOMEWHERE.

    Congrats. on totally heavenly blooms.

  10. Hi Catmint.
    You deserve a great sense of achievement, knowing you have planted those amazing plants.
    For me, the stand-out is the Gastrolobium. A very striking flower.

  11. dear Faisal, yep - certainly rewarding.

    dear Phoebe, gastrolobium is a wonderful plant - comes in 3 colours that I know of - white, red and black flowers from Kuranga nursery.

    Hi Bernie, thanks, that is a great combination at the moment ...

    thanks for the comment jenni

    thanks for encouragement Serena.

    Bom, happy GBBD back and thanks for the visit.

    Hi cathy and steve, well I guess through the blogosphere we are able to experience a bit of the other season on the other side of the world.

    lovely to hear from you Denis, yes the gastrolobium is a wonderful plant. It was hard to photograph because the black flowers are very tiny. I have lots of the red ones too.

    cheers, catmint

    Hi Pauline, yep - certainly we have lots of plants from the Old Country! They have a very different to Australian natives and I love both.

    Hi steph, I'm so pleased you like the photos, I have been working at the photography.

    Hi MKG, happy to bedazzle you any time I can!


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