Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 2011.

Regret is a futile emotion. So I'll just say it and move on. I wish I had joined Garden Bloggers Bloom Day years ago. I've joined now, and this is my GBBD debut post.

From now on, thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens, on the 15th of each month I will, like 183 other bloggers (yesterday's tally) post pictures of what is blooming in my garden.

First - the back garden ...

Heliotrope Cherry Pie
Penstemon Blackbird
Thryptomene saxicola  'F.C. Payne'
Thryptomene 'Supernova'
Winged Spyridium 
Echium candicans 'Silver Pink'
Grouping of echiums and thryptomenes
Gastrolobium celsianum
Feijoa tree, leaves eaten by possums, with new buds
Correa flowers, Blue fescue grass, forget me nots, love in the mist
Acacia cognata

Next - the front garden ...

Hellebores and Forget me nots

Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus argutifolius
A  Rabbit has come to live in the garden.


  1. So, so fabulous. The Thryptomenes are wonderful. I just love those blooms! The Gastrolobium is beautiful too, and that Violet is so sweet. You grow such a variety of terrific plants and, of course, so many things that just won't grow up here. I'll be looking forward to seeing your GBBD posts from now on.

  2. Your gardens is getting ready for the grand opening marvellously. Pretty blooms.

  3. Does that rabbit scare off the real ones? I am glad you joined in GBBD...your blooms are definitely worth viewing.

  4. Now I feel guilty for never having quite gotten round to joining GBBD! :P

    You've got a lovely collection of things in bloom there Catmint - I'm looking forward to seeing next months already!

  5. The Penstemon is a lovely colour - I like dark reds. I can see that your Rabbit will be very well behaved in the garden - no nibbling the precious plants :-)

  6. I'm not sure if I'll join GBBD but it's nice to get a snapshot like this, and nice to know others all over the place are in concord. Bunny's wonderful, Catmint.

  7. Your back garden has me confused, you have the same plants flowering now as we do,(penstemon) but it is winter for you - what are your lowest winter temperatures?
    Your hellebores are beautiful, another 5 or 6 months to wait for some of my favourite flowers.
    Love your rabbit - he won't be eating your plants - thats the sort I like !!

  8. Dear friends, thank you so much for the welcome to GBBD. And thank you for welcoming my Rabbit.

    Dear SB, I wonder whether the rabbit will be lonely and ATTRACT new ones!??

    Dear EG, there's no knowing what my rabbit might do when I'm not looking ... hopefully no nibbling! I love dark reds too.

    Dear Pauline, compared to England with its 4 distinctly different seasons, we are very different. Winters tend to be mild, and there seem to be almost as many flowers blooming in winter as in spring.

    cheers, catmint

  9. Spring is looking beautiful down there. The forget me nots such a wonderful color.

  10. Some very nice photos - the blurry backgrounds on some of the closeups look very fancy! I love the combo with fescue and correa (did I spell that right?). I think GBBD is so fun but always seem to forget :-)


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