the nearly winter garden

It has been quite cold and there has been lots of rain. Today, even though it is very nearly winter, I divided and replanted some Agapanthus and Valerian plants. I found some old bones that one of our long ago dead dogs, either Zoe or Corey, must have buried. I also found lots of rubble and remembered the bricks we laid over the ground many years ago so we could have a flat surface for a table and chairs. Then I remembered how one day I decided I wanted more garden and removed them all.

The branches of the Crab-apple tree are smooth and bare.

The Smoke Bushes are still showing off their autumn leaves.
There are two different varieties, Velvet Cloak and Grace.
They show different vivid colours.

I liberated some paths from leaves and overgrowing things.

There are a few flowers, including some Californian poppies that are still clinging to autumn.

But I don't need lots of flowers and colours because I love green and grey and different shaped leaves. As in - Derwentia perfoliata, Euphorbia characis and in the last photo - Agapanthus, Fishbone fern and Acanthus mollis. Watched over by a statue that radiates serenity whatever the season.


  1. I love your silver-blue photo, Catmint. Also, that you don't need alot of flowers...when come across occasionally, how valuable they are...nonetheless, there seems to be delicacy in your garden.

  2. Like you, I don't need lots of flowers and colours. In fact my favourite borders are my shady ones which are mainly a tapestry of foliage, so cool and restful on a hot day.

  3. Yes, the green and grey in your garden scenes are so pretty! I'm laughing at your title - yesterday it didn't break out of the 40's here (F), very chilly, feels kind of wintery even though we're so close to summer solstice.

  4. It is hard to believe that some of my gardening friends are going into winter.But you are the ones who keep me going with pictures of your gardens when it is winter here. You have so many great structure plantings that will look wonderful in the winter. The last picture is just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Our weather is not much better, though without the rain. Lovely pictures.

  6. I did not know poppy bloom in fall as well. The seeds that you given me have just sprouted:).

  7. I liked the last picture - the statue fits in so well with the background.
    I am trying to track down a dwarf(ish) version of the Smoke Bush for a space my front garden which cannot take a full size one. I have always liked them.

  8. Dear Faisal, thanks for visit and warm comments.

    Dear Pauline, I love foliage too but sometimes my garden is full of colours. I think it's got its own will.

    Hi VW, such a different climate - making the whole experience of gardening and living so different I think.

    Dear Lona, thanks - I must admit I am very proud of the last picture. Winter in our climate doesn't actually make that much difference - no snow, the plants keep growing but more slowly.

    Thanks, dear Hermes.

    dear MKZ - how exciting that the seeds have sprouted! The sunflower seeds you gave me are still sleeping I think. I don't think poppies are supposed to flower in autumn nearly winter but like us they don't seem to always follow rules!

    Hi EG, I don't know if there is a dwarf smokebush variety, but I know they don't seem to mind being chopped back.

    cheers dear cyberfriends, catmint

  9. My niece asked me - if it's a rose garden, why can't I see roses. So now it is the And Roses garden ;~)

  10. Beautiful garden! I am so in love with foliage at the moment, Loving Hostas especially. But gosh I miss Agapathus, growing up they were every where in Sydney, unfortunately Seattle is just the wrong climate. New to your blog and loving it, makes me home sick for Aus...Cheers Julia

  11. Your garden is wonderful. The paths that you created with stones and bricks look really natural. The different kinds of foliages made everything so interesting when put together. And the shades of greyish green and autumn colours are admirable. Catmint, after all the hard work, take a good rest ;-) And good shots.

  12. What pretty autumn/winter sights.

  13. As we heat up its very nice to see this very autumny pictures. I am even reading a book right now set in winter in Montreal to help cool myself down.

  14. Dear Diana, sweet ...

    Dear Julia, you have moved a long way north from your birth place, your first landscape. Travel is so cheap and quick in the blogosphere though.

    Thanks Steph, I don't want to rest but I must say gardening and photography take a lot of energy.

    Thanks for visiting, Wendy.

    Hi Jess, I wish you as cool and pleasant a summer as possible.

    cheers, catmint


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