plants get names at last

I vaguely knew the names of most of the plants in my garden, but mainly saw them as particular sizes and colours for filling the latest gap.

Now I have (more or less) completed my database. I have listed 265 plants, their botanical names, common names, family, location in the garden and what part of the world they came from.

I have published these as pages on the blog's home page. As well as the lists, I use a page to describe part of the process of doing the project and what I needed to learn and understand about the classification of plants.

It's a new year, and maybe a new and more scientific phase in my evolution as a gardener?


  1. I find it most satisfying identifying plants too. Its great that you are keeping such a thorough record of the garden!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Catmint! WEll Done!

  3. I am not sure I understand? You have listed your garden plants with plant list? (Which looks like a very informational site that I have already bookmarked.) Or you have identified the plants in your garden using plant list? I thought of you in my recent post about PlantJotter. I remember you were inquiring about creating a plant list / database. This is the result? 265 plants – WOW!

  4. I think your really going to be really savvy in scientific names. 265 plants in the list is a big group already. Congrats for finishing the task!

  5. Well done. Though by the time you're done plants like Chysanthemum will have changed again. Drives me mad!

  6. Dear Catmint, Congratulations on completing such a labour of love. And, only another 100 and you will have a plant for every day in the year!!
    You must feel very satisfied to have achieved this point. You are really building up a most interesting garden journal which will be such fun to revisit from time to time to note the progress along the way.

    I do so hope that you survived the terrible floods and that 2011 will be a great success in the garden!

  7. A lot of hard work for sure! Congratulations. I should try doing the same too

  8. What an impressive accomplishment! I used to keep better records on my plants and am sliding the other direction now. Nowadays I can't even keep my kids' names straight, so the plants have even less hope :-)

  9. I'm impressed! I started a similar project back in December, but have since become distracted by my new allotment. You encourage me to keep at it, albeit a little bit at a time.

  10. Hi Phoebe, thanks for the comment, fellow plant lover. It's exciting for me to start learning more systematically about plants.

    Hi Carol, thanks for your warm and encouraging comment.

    Hi TVF, I would have checked out plant jotter if I had known about it earlier. As I wrote on your blog, Bento has been OK except that I don't seem to be able to up or download the photos.

    Hi Steph, thanks - although it's like a first draft, it will never be really finished.

    Hi Hermes, your comment made me smile - everything changes all the times even the names!

    Hi Edith, welcome back to the blogosphere after your break. How funny, you're right - 265 is (nearly) a very significant number.

    Hi Fer, I don't think it's necessary to do this to enjoy your garden - after years and years of vagueness I suddenly felt driven to do this.

    Hi VW, yes, I think at your stage of motherhood it's probably more important to remember your kids names - lol, lol

    Hi Plantilicious, that's one way to manage it, just a little at a time (no hurry). What I had to tell myself was not to be too perfectionist - originally I wanted to put way more information in.

    Thanks for all your wonderfully helpful and encouraging comments, cm

  11. A lot of work! I did the same earlier this month with my butterfly garden.. Hopefully it will help me remember the Latin names better, but that doesn't mean I'll know how to pronounce them!

  12. Hi Rebecca, exactly ... cheers, catmint


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