it's tough out there

Last September hundreds of properties in northern Victoria were flooded during heavy rainstorms. Now many of those same communities are facing the prospect of even worse floods over the next few days.

Photos taken from ABC News website.

In addition to flooding, there is the problem of locusts.

For several months the media has been warning of mass hatchings of plague locusts. Now a swarm reaching 25 kilometres (15.5 miles!) is approaching towns in northern Victoria. They are eating everything in their path and drivers are being warned of the danger on the road if you run into a swarm.

Photo taken from Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website.


  1. Dear Catmint, This is all most alarming and I am unaware that this appalling situation has been broadcast in the UK press. I cannot imagine the scale of the locust swarm which you describe here nor the extent of the devastation which it must leave in its wake. Dear Catmint, I do so hope that you are safe, for to have one's house ruined by floodwater is so dreadful.

  2. Very sorry to hear this. Hope things calm down.
    It's so shocking to see your images, and I had not heard anything about this, though I've spoke yesterday with a tour group from your area that is going to visit the Bay Area.
    We're having a spell of very heavy rains, too - it's the time of year when my small town has had major floods twice in the past 30 years - 6-8 feet of water in shops on the main street and hundreds of houses.
    We are fortunate to be on a rise, so our house is not affected. I do hope that you are safe.
    The locust problems sounds very scary. It conjures images from my childhood in Chicago, but I don't think I've heard of such incidents here in recent times.

  3. Stay safe. Perhaps it will not be as bad as predicted?

  4. Goodness that sounds awful - floods are bad enough we get them here but locusts as well. I cant visualise a swarm that big. Hope you and yours are OK

  5. Yes its really amazing that we are having these rain and plague events after so long of drought!
    Fingers crossed that my house stays dry and the veggies don't wash away!

  6. Dear cyberfriends, thank you for your interest and concern. Phoebe, I hope your house stays dry and your veggies don't float away. (unless you're growing watercress - lol!)

    cheers, catmint

  7. Hi Catmint, so far so good! the creek has risen substantially but the worst of the rain is over and it shouldnt pose too much trouble to the veggies (or house!!)... Maybe I should be growing water cress considering the frequency of all these rain events!
    I will post some photos of the water level soon.

  8. I rarely watch the news these days and fine it so sad to see these homes under water this way! I hope you are safe Catmint . . . from the locust too!

  9. I hope that you got through this without any problems.


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