plant list project - progress report

I can't believe it's only two months since I asked for help in naming the plants in my garden and organizing the information.

In response to my appeal I got lots of useful ideas and encouragement from wonderful cyberfriends like Denis Wilson, Hermes, mysisterdale's garden, Edith Hope, Titania, Diana, Grace Peterson, The Violet Fern, Stephanie, Tina, easygardener, Wendy and Carol.

Since starting the project I have lost hours of sleep.

For the database I went with Filemaker's Bento because it seemed simple to use and offered a downloadable garden template. The only disadvantage to Bento that I have discovered so far is that I can't work out how to upload it to Google Docs. I don't want to lose all that work and the best way to secure it that I know of is to move it into the clouds. In the meantime I have backed it up on a usb stick.

So far I have entered 116 plants into the database. Not all entries have details, links and photos yet. It is a work in progress. I love doing it, getting to know the plants as individuals and members of larger groupings. I never made time to formally study plants or gardening - I preferred to do it and learn by experience. So my knowledge of plant classification is pretty basic. The learning curve has nowhere to go but up.

The next decision was how to feature the plant list on the blog. I have started to place the information on the blog's home page. There are no details or photos, just the names of the plants on different lists for each part of the garden.

Here is one random example of my new precision in identification of plants in my garden: Acacia cognata.


  1. That's a good idea. It's something that I've been meaning to do with my garden for years but have never been disciplined enough to actually go and do!

  2. I am so impressed by your effort! That looks like a cool programme to store all photo and information. Also I am with you on learning by experience. Just by reading is not enough to know a plant well. Way to go Catmint! I hope one day I could be like you ;-)

  3. Hi Catmint,

    I may need to do the same thing too. Ther are plants I do not know the name of as well.

    Of note is that as a thankyou I get to plant out my cat minders garden this week, Liliums, Irises, orchids (cymbidiums), geraniums. I am so excited!!!

  4. Dear Catmint, I do admire your resolve over this tedious but so worthwhile job. I often think that I need to record the plant knowledge of my gardener/handyman J since he is a veritable mine of information.

  5. I will be interested to see how you get on - I am still dithering about moving from my spreadsheet on to a database.

  6. Hi RPS, thanks for the comment. For me it's not about discipline, I find it enjoyable.

    Hi Steph, thanks for the comment. I have learned by experience, now I think I am ready for more structured learning. I would do formal study but don't really have the time (or energy) at the moment.

    Hi Kas, that garden sounds great.

    Hi Hermes, thanks for the comment.

    Hi Edith, I wouldn't do it if I found it tedious. I love doing it. If J. comes south to Australia I would love to meet him!

    Hi EG, I haven't really use a spreadsheet before, I imagine they all have pros and cons?

    cheers, catmint


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