the latest look

Spring was wet. Now the weather's warming up. The garden and its inhabitants are so-o-o-o happy and performing so well they deserve a bonus - awarded in admiration, appreciation and compost.


  1. Your Spring garden is looking fabulous ... I think it deserves lots of pampering as a reward! Layers of rich smelly compost and few well-place compliments should do the trick. Those beautiful Everlasting Daisies deserve some special praise.

  2. Looks lovely.
    I'm impressed with the lilac/purple Poppy.

  3. I love the textures, forms and colors of your lovely garden! Just beautiful!! So lush and light filled, as I look out on my dark naked landscape.

  4. Quite lush and woven together perfectly.

  5. Looks lovely! Maybe i should have sowed my poppy seeds earlier!! yours are looking fantastic!
    What is that large grey shrub in the 4th picture down? Is it a Tea Tree or moon lagoon Euc?

    Loos great!

  6. Your garden looks like one I see in gardening magazines! It's looking so beautiful Catmint! Love your straw flowers. Thanks for posting up these pictures. Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful - all that green makes me green with envy since it will be 5-6 months before I see anything comparable around here!

    There's one plant with bright magenta flowers and greyish-green foliage - is that rose campion (Lychnis coronaria)? The colors are right, but the leaves look somewhat different from the ones growing in my garden.

  8. Dear Catmint, What joy to look at these beautiful images on a cold, dismal and foggy day in London. The silvery foliage looks so magical and everything seems to be growing abundantly. You must be delighted with it all and, I agree, it certainly deserves a treat!!

  9. Your garden looks great!
    love the combination of colors, everything is so full of life.

  10. oooh, I love the flowers in the third photo. Are those the everlasting daisies that bernie mentioned? A beautiful spring!

  11. Wow, those photos are so lush and full. Even the areas without a lot of flowers are interesting and beautiful. Beautiful garden, Catmint!

  12. Hi Bernie, thanks for the comment. Those everlasting daisies do deserve praise - they just grow and grow and do their own thing with no demands on me at all.

    Hi Dennis, that gorgeous poppy is an opium poppy. You can't buy them (for obvious reasons) but a friend gave me some seeds decades ago and ever since each spring they come back again.

    Hi Carol, your time will come ... when the dark becomes light and the naked becomes lush ... it's already so hot here I fear my beautiful garden will get burned and also become dark and naked.

    Hi Tina, thank you for the compliment.

    Hi Phoebe, that tree is a tea tree, I'm not sure which one.

    Thanks Steph, for your comment.

    Hi RPS77, welcome back! You're right - it is rose campion or lychnis. They seed and spread themselves around. I've just been round pulling up the white ones and leaving the magenta ones.

    Hi Edith, thanks for the comment, yes I am delighted by how it's grown and how cottagey it is (at the moment!)

    Hi Wendy, yes they are everlasting daisies, or Xerochrysum bracteatum, Australian natives.

    Hi VW, old cyberfriend and photographic guru - thank you for the comment.

    cheers, catmint


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