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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Friday, 10 September 2010

the start of spring

The garden's grown a lot. Partly because of the rain and partly because I am (finally??????) getting more knowing about what I want and where I want it. So there is less moving around. Or maybe I'm just getting more accepting that perfection really is impossible and nothing looks great all the time.

Everybody's happy about the rain - except, of course, people adversely affected by flooding. I just hope the plants in my garden don't get too soft and expect it to go on forever. When it gets hot and dry again they will be expected to dig down deep with their roots away from the heat and towards the moisture. All they can expect from me will be a nice mulch blanket, appreciation and encouragement. But no watering.

For friends who want to know when my garden will on TV: it will be on Gardening Australia on Sept. 18 at 6.30pm and repeated on Sept. 19 at 1pm. If you miss it, or for people in other countries, you can see it on the Gardening Australia website.


  1. Spectacular! Your garden looks like a paradise Catmint. Your Hellebores are beautiful and lush. You move into Spring as we turn towards fall.

  2. Catmint, your garden looks beautiful! I wish I have a garden like yours. Although I do not recognise the shrubs that you have I can see that they compliment each other really well.

    It rained pretty heavily early morning here. No need to water my plants for today :-D And the temperature today... cool and nice!

  3. Your garden looks great. How I envy you entering Spring as it gets colder here.

  4. Dear Catmint, How very, very exciting that your garden is to be shown on television - twice!! I should so like to see the programme but I do not even have a television let alone receive Australian programmes.

    You are so right about the need for plants to establish a strong root system. I have always adopted the policy of plant really well, water if required until established, and then leave everything to Nature - do or die! It is surprising what lives!

    Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

  5. Your garden is looking absolutely beautiful. Rain can be so good for the garden, but looking at mine I wonder if it can be a bit much? We've had 15% higher rainfall over the past several months, and I notice a lot of my plants seem to have stopped growing. They still look healthy. They just aren't growing. Still spring is here and no doubt in a few months I will be complaining about a drought :-)

  6. I dream of a garden as luch as yours , plan to catch the show on the 18th and look forward to it.

  7. Hi Carol, thank you for your comment.

    Hi Stephanie, the climates we both garden in are so different, it's so wonder you don't recognize the shrubs. I will do some posts on specific plants - it will be good for me to remember their names.

    Thanks for your comment Hermes.

    Hi Edith, you are very independent to resist the pressure to own a TV. We didn't have one for quite a while, then got a very small cupboard sized one. But it was a slippery slope ...

    Hi Lynne, what you say is interesting. Maybe plants get used to coping in a particular climate, and find it difficult to adapt to change. Well, as usual, the toughest and most resilient will survive. Let's keep each other posted re what happens.

    Hi Kas, thanks for your comment. Now that it's definite I feel quite nervous, having no idea how the director will turn about 7 hours of film into about 7 minutes.

    Cheers, CM

  8. Your lush garden does indeed look as though it is enjoying the rain. I will love to return throughout the coming months as my garden heads into Fall and then a very cold winter.

  9. Look forward to seeing your garden on TV. It looks great. All we've see up here is news of the flooding. I'm glad some people actually loved the rain after needing it for so long.

  10. Hello Catmint, fortunately we avoided flooding in my part of Gippsland too, but the ground certainly is wet and the rivers high! I've been slipping around in muddy clay all day trying to get some gardening done, but I don't resent it as it still strikes me as such a novelty after all these years.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your garden featured next weekend :)

  11. Hi Meredehuit, yes - Melbourne is a long way from Utah, and when we are sweltering you will be freezing. And vice versa - thanks to the blogosphere. cheers, CM

  12. Hi Missy and Heide, so pleased you also received rain but no disastrous flooding. I hope you like the TV thing - even more important, I hope I like it!!!!!!!! cheers, catmint

  13. Your title amuses me, as I just said to a friend that it feels like the beginning of autumn today!
    My garden needs a good cut-back, really.

    Your garden must be very nice indeed if it is being featured on a gardening program. Well-done! How exciting for you.

  14. Happy spring, Catmint. I love the photos. Congrats on your TV exposure.

  15. that's going to be so fun! Are you going to have a viewing party?

    Spring looks lush and happy over there!

    I'm also at the point where there's less moving around. That's great!

  16. The green very lively.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  17. The mushroom looks very delicious.
    The taste of the season.


  18. Dear Bee, thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog.

    Hi Grace, thanks for the comment. Happy fall to you.

    Hi Wendy, it does feel like progress when there's less moving around. Practice doesn't make perfect but may mean we get better at what we do! Viewing party lovely idea but I'll be babysitting at the time, probably have to record it and watch it later!!!!!

    Hi Ruma, thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is an inspiration to me.

    cheers, catmint

  19. hi catmint,

    Tonight I'm so lucky to watch your garden on the TV.

    What is the plant next to the hellbores? ( it is on the bottom left corner of the last pic in this entry. I also saw that on tv, but not mentioned that name) the flower is yellow and a bit like little trumpets.

    thanks very much
    (Sorry for leaving message as anonymous as I failed with the other options.)

  20. Hi Law, I am so pleased you liked my segment on Gardening Aust. The plant you are asking about is euphorbia rigida. cheers, catmint

  21. Finally caught up with my taped Gardening Australia shows. Loved the segment. But I'm keeping my Wollemi pine. It's in a large pot, and likes pruning, so I hope it stays within limits. Plus it was a housewarming gift.


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