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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

skimming across the surface of the blogosphere

I garden because it makes me happy. Happy for me means calm, meditative, focussed.

I’m not good at multi tasking. When I’m driving and chatting the passenger will often point out that I am slowing down. So I find I have to choose between efficient driving to a destination, and having an interesting conversation.

I love blogging. There is a heady excitement in making a growing number of cyber friends all over the world. Numbers tell us how we're progressing. How many followers do I have? What is my latest ranking on Blotanical? How many people have commented on my latest post?

It’s not a hardship, it’s a pleasure to visit the blogs of cyber friends, and leave a comment to show that I’ve been there and have appreciated their efforts. I mostly do this in the evening when I have the time. But after a few hectic enjoyable hours I find it difficult to get to sleep. My head is buzzing. It doesn’t just feel like stimulation, it feels like over stimulation.

We use the metaphor of visiting blogs. In real life it would be considered odd and rude to rush into someone’s place, make a brief comment and quickly rush out to go to someone else’s place.

In the virtual world I’m going to try to resist the seductive tyranny of numbers. Some evenings I will skim the surface and visit lots of blogs. But sometimes I will try to visit just one or two blogs, and take my time there. I hope to stay long enough to enjoy a virtual cup of tea and a good think.


  1. You bring up some very valuable points here Catmint. I too should not blog right before going to bed. We do enter into each other's worlds in a peculiar way, but then we all open the door and allow each to visit with no strings attached. It is always more meaningful when we have comments that bring our posts/ sharings into a dialogue. I too so appreciate the time folks take in sharing their thoughts. This is a thoughtful post! ;>)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Catmint! Blogging is fun. I will get to know about what others are growing even when not physically in their garden. Also ask for help when necessary. For me, these are virtual only, recognition is also virtual ;-) No need to be ladened for more of this or that.

  3. I enjoy blogging too. Lately I find myself reading less blogs but more deeply. There are just so many good ones. Renews ny faith in humanity - how many people have good things to say.

  4. From blogging we meet many wonderful people. We don't have to move our body to travel or visit anyone garden. Just a click and we are visiting someone else plot around the world:)

  5. Dear Catmint, I do understand what you are saying here. I think that Blogging is very much like most other activities in life in that to begin with one adds on more and more but then, with maturity, one siplifies and focusses. In the case of Blogging, for me, I agree with Carol that it is all about the development of meaningful dialogue rather than a plethora of disjointed points. Aslong as it remains a pleasure not a chore then it must be a good thing.

  6. I hope popping in irregularly isn't considered rude. I know most bloggers appreciate a visit whenever it happens - whenever you can make it is great! I find it so sad though, when blogging friends suddenly stop with no explanation. Sometimes I feel a little weird about demanding "hey, where ARE you, anyway?!"

  7. Visit blogs, rude to rush in and out? To me it is more like skimming a newspaper or a magazine. There are bits I don't even see. Chuck out the sport and the TV programme. Others that I read quickly. And some like this post, that I read again, and again. It IS virtual, so it can't be rude to rush thru ;>)

  8. Hi Catmint,
    I rarely have time to visit my favourite blogs lately, let alone comment, but yours is at the top of my list. Perhaps most garden bloggers blog for the sheer joy of it, but what a wonderful, unselfish way to bring joy to other gardeners by sharing their knowledge and allowing us to take a quick virtual walk with them, at any time of the day or night.

  9. Good point. But I think gardening blogs generally lend themselves to a decent length of visit. Especially when there are photos allowing each visitor to see the blogger's perspective. Yours is one such. That's why I'm here right now!

  10. Hi Catmint~~ Bravo, girlfriend. I so concur with your sentiments. Better to spend several minutes with one friend than a brief two-word comment on twenty. This is why I don't pay attention to Blot's numbers anymore. It's not so much about quantity but quality!!

  11. Yeah...I just wish I had more time...

  12. Sometimes leaving messages becomes distracting and I over think what I mean to say...and I don't always leave a comment, but I always love to read them on my blog so I need to be more thoughtful...that being said, I also enjoyed your "favorite garden photos" entry...dog butt...funny.

  13. thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I do like to step back sometimes and think about blogging as a process and what are the norms and expectations. cheers, catmint

  14. Hi Catmint
    You wrote: "It’s not a hardship, it’s a pleasure to visit the blogs of cyber friends, and leave a comment to show that I’ve been there and have appreciated their efforts. I mostly do this in the evening when I have the time."
    I do that too - listening to late night radio in one ear, as I click my way through my friends' Blogs.
    I find it very relaxing.
    But I like to leave a little comment, otherwise I feel I have intruded into their house, without saying "hello".


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