possum family

I'm delighted to announce the arrival in the garden of a brushtail possum family. I don't know where they sleep in the day. I know they don't use the possum nesting box because I climbed the tree in the daytime to check. For the last few nights they have regularly appeared in the tall tree above the compost heaps to check out what's to eat. They are a family of three: two parents and one baby.


  1. Brush tail possum must one of the few that interact well in human environment... Beautiful photos, definitely not easy to take night pictures. I love the two spotlights coming it....

  2. Dear Catmint, What an intrepid person you are.....climbing trees and nightime photographic skirmishes with wildlife.....all to provide us with glorious images of possums.Thank you!!

  3. Like knowing you are having night visitor in your garden. Thank you for those nice pictures.

  4. Visiting your blog is like going to the zoo! It amazes me that all of these 'exotic' animals show up in your backyard. Those shining eyes are very interesting.

  5. Hi Bangchik, thanks for the comment. Yes, it was difficult for me to take the night time photos. I still feel the camera and I are having a power struggle - I usually can't get it to do what I want!

    Dear Edith, thank you, I was very scared climbing the tree, and very disappointed when I saw the nesting box was empty!

    Hi M-K, I wonder if there are possums in Adelaide too. Here in Melbourne there used to be lots, but I have noticed there are fewer now since so many trees have gone.

    Thanks Hermes, the eyes don't really glow like that, it's to do with being photographically challenged.

    VW, comparing my garden to the zoo is very funny as well as a great compliment. The zoo has more biodiversity than my garden, but at least the wildlife aren't in cages.

    Cheers, catmint

  6. How great for you! Your possums are much cuter than ours here in Northeastern US. To me, it's always flattering when creatures move into the garden - it means you're doing a great job of it.


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