glimpses of the winter garden

greens and greys and a touch of yellow ...

side looking fuller

elegant euphorbia rigida

possums still snacking

caterpillars also snacking

heavenly hellebore

potter posing

either erysmium or cheiranthus

xerochrysum bractateatum

perfect parahebe perfoliata


  1. Dear Catmint, Your garden is looking good in the depths of winter. The Euphorbias in particular are very dramatic and add a superb structure to the borders. And, Hellebores, my absolute favourite. So strange for me to be seeing them in August but a wonder of the Blogosphere is to see most things all year round somewhere!!

  2. What's your secret? Everything looks so healthy:)

  3. So love your dog posing - what a star. Wish my winter garden ever looked like that. What a lovely place you have.

  4. I just love Euphorbia rigida and their chartreuse blooms. I haven't seen parahebe perfoliata before - I just love the delicate flower :-)

  5. Hi Edith, thanks for your comment. Christmas day here is often so hot we have cold turkey and then rush off to the beach!

    Hi Rorebot, firstly we have had a very wet winter, so the garden is extra lush. Secondly I think it is keeping up the mulch and compost. Now it's no longer a secret. (lol)

    Thanks Hermes, from your photo I see you are a dog lover too. We are lucky here because even though it's winter it never gets below zero and often it gets to 14 or 15 (centigrade)

    Hi Noelle, The parahebe is also called Diggers Speedwell, and is an Australian native. The leaves look a bit like acacia but the shape is different. It seems to prefer a bit of water but has survived the hot summers.

    Cheers, catmint

  6. Such a beautiful garden! I have many of dahlias in my garden, but my garden is so tiny.


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