a new Australian garden style

Recently I visited Geelong Botanic Gardens. The 21st Century Garden is a dry landscape using minimal water and sustainable garden practices. This is the sort of garden style that suits rising temperatures and scarce water resources.


  1. Dear Catmint, I was fascinated with the pictures you have shown here. The garden is obviously very modern, looking very often like contemporary works of art. So very different from anything to be found in the UK.

    That it is designed to take into account climate change cannot be but for the good.

  2. really interesting looking!

  3. Isn't gardening an ever changing situation - as the needs and challenges arise? Good to see what's happening over there. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. Have you changed the name of your blog? The address appears unfamiliar - I always think of you as Catmint or simply the name, 'diary of a suburban gardener.
    I'm always interested in design that reflects a concern for lack of water.
    And I am as drawn to a strong minimalist design as much as to an exuberant planting scheme in areas of abundant rainfall.
    Thanks for sharing this! Alice

  5. Hi Edith, thanks for this interesting comment. I guess it is an attempt to develop an Australian style that gets away from the popular English style that no longer works here with severe water restrictions.

    Thanks Jan. It is very different to what we're used to.

    Shady, yes it's fascinating the way gardening changes as society changes.

    Hi Alice, I haven't changed the name of my blog, but we haven't visited each other for a while, and it's great to get back in touch. I agree - there are different kinds of aesthetics, and it's good to be open to them all.

    Cheers, catmint

  6. Looks great, very clever design, think this issue that should be addressed around the world, what with drouth becoming
    an ever increasing problem globaly ( besides here in ireland that is) Good post

  7. It shows that even in a very extreme situation on could have an interesting garden. It would be quite a challenge. I would not mind having a garden in this sort of style. I am sure there are many plants to choose from to create something very interesting, incorporating all sorts of materials. I thought the tumble weeds looked so beautiful when they where gathering building up a tower in a corner at the Bourke airport. I would have lots of them!

  8. Hi Catmint~~ For some reason I'm not getting your blog any longer. I love the summer photos. I hope all is well with you.

  9. Guess I didn't realize the address was: slowgardener.

    I'm actually going through a huge change to a new domain name and wordpress. My host was hacked hours after I registered, though, so I'm very frustrated.

    I loved this post of yours! Cheers, Alice

  10. I was happy to see this post as I'm very interested in how Australians deal with the same hot, dry summer conditions we have here. Dry-summer Californians and Australians have a lot to learn from each other, I think.


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