Should I confess? What an idiot I was!

This is what happened …

I need to mulch the garden properly, I thought. I can’t make enough, I’ll have to buy some. But I don’t want to buy those plastic bags of mulch. They don’t go far enough, and just add plastic to the environment.

So …

I phoned a mulch company that uses recycled timber and ordered a delivery. How much? they quite reasonably wanted to know. Oh I don’t know, it’s a big garden, maybe 20 metres?

The next day a huge truck pulled up outside, full of 20 CUBIC metres of mulch! The driver was nonplussed. “I thought it was for a sporting club or a school” he said.

The truck driver went away and later came back with a smaller truck that could fit in the driveway. When he left there were two mountains in the driveway and certainly no room for cars.

I have mulched and mulched, given lots away and still I am unable to liberate the driveway.

But most of the garden – I still haven’t finished mulching it – is very happy, even in the current hot weather.


  1. Awesome sight indeed...wish I was your neighbor and could get a scoop or two. Any idea when you'll be able to dig your driveway out?

    Christine in Alaska

  2. A big job ahead, you could advertise it for a school or charity??? That is if you still have too much. I stored a few piles in areas where I had not planted the garden out and it has proved useful. Goodluck

  3. I'm sorry but I couldnt stop laughing when I read this - maybe a new enterprise you could bag some of it up and selling it from your driveway. Good luck!!

  4. I was most intrigued with your story of the mulch. What a horror when the large lorry arrived. I should not have known what to do.

    In the past I have made extensive use of mushroom compost which has worked very well both as a mulch and a soil conditioner.

  5. Well, there are worse mistakes a gardener could make :-) Good luck digging out. I'm glad you plants will be very happy with their new mulch blankets.

  6. Very funny. Shocked expressions all round I expect. I'm glad the driver didn't unload the huge truck and bury your house!

  7. Hi Catmint,

    I did that once too, but with ordering topsoil. My husband had to create additional raised planting areas as a result. I am sure your plants are very excited about all the mulch ;^)

  8. Just a brief note to thank you so much for your very kind comment on my posting to which I have replied. E

  9. Hi Christine, I have no idea when I'll be able to reclaim the driveway. It's like the fairy story about the magic porridge pot - the more you eat, the more is replaced.

    Kas, thanks for the suggestion. If I could store it I probably could use most of it - maybe ...

    PG, yes, it is very funny really, I have always been maths phobic (lol).

    Edith, I have used mushroom mulch too but I decided to graduate to the harder stuff! (which would last longer!!)

    Hi VW, I quite agree - there are worse mistakes, and this one is funny and lots of people are benefiting from a sudden mulch bonanza.

    EG, yes he could have buried the house or blocked the street!

    Noelle, Maybe that's how raised beds were invented? By accident! the thing about the mulch is that you're not supposed to put it on thicker than 10 cms at a time! And it's very chunky and will not decompose in a hurry.

    Cheers, catmint

  10. Hi Catmint,

    I wonder, would you rather shovel that much mulch, or snow?! We just got more snow last night, and more is on the way at the end of the week. Times like this make me wish I lived in Australia! You do have your work cut out for you...but it's great exercise, and of course, just what your gardens need to keep the moisture in. I wanted to remind you about a little 'project' I'm having on my blog, re: sustainable living...and it includes garden gift giveaways. I hope you will participate!

  11. Catmint, I just smiled and smiled when I saw what happened! You make me feel ever so much better!! I had a huge "Rock Truck" load of dirt delivered once... and it stayed in the driveway for weeks and weeks! ha. Mr. Shady learned to maneuver around it... once I'd cleared his side of the driveway off. lol.

  12. ...funny story, not so funny for you, but shortly you will smile at the whole thing:-)


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