smoke bush rules the world

Press release!

Deborah from Kilbourne Grove and I have just published a post together, featuring our communications about our common love of smoke bush.

Collaborating on a post has been fun, and especially wonderful because we live on opposite sides of the world.

Deborah's blog, Green Theatre, is always a great read, so I hope people who haven't caught the post, Holy Smoke , will check it out.


  1. Catmint, it was so much fun writing this post with you, we do make a great team! And thank you again for the pictures, they are gorgeous!

  2. And so it should, one of the most useful of plants in the garden.

  3. Hi just saw you had collaborated on deborah at kilbourne Grove but forgot to comment to busy adding her to my blog list.
    nice to see the collaboration.
    Aren't garden bloggers a lovely group of people?

  4. Catmint I did the same thing .. was here a while back and lost my way ? LOL .. this was a great read about the smoke bush and for some reason I never thought of it being here .. now isn't that a hoot ?
    I wonder how many more similar plants we share with you !
    Joy : )

  5. I read it. It's so cool that you decided to do this together. I love that purple foliage.

  6. I like this smoke bush. Their smoke bronze colour leaves are so captivating. For me it is an unusual colour. The closest I have is my bronze colour kalanchoe :-D

  7. I did catch it, Catmint. Two peas in a pod, you and Deborah. Actually make that three. I love this plant!

  8. I saw a beautiful specimen yesterday at the Botanical Gardens and now would love to plant one in my garden. Can anyone please tell me where around Kensington - or Waverley Hill - i might be able to buy one?

  9. Hi guys, thanks for the comments, it was fun collaborating and fun sharing the appreciation of this incredibly popular bush.
    Yes Joanne, I agree, we garden bloggers are a lovely group of people.
    Joy, We have a lot of similar plants I think. A while back I posted about mimulus as a guest in Pomona's blog tulips in the woods. Mimulus is a wildflower from California and were people most intrigued it was in my Australian garden.
    Grace, honoured to share the pod with you.
    sue, where are you located?
    cheers, catmint


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