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Who knows how the Honest Scrap Award started? The truth is buried somewhere in the vast records of blotanical…

This is all I know for sure: Someone gave Rosey the Award. Rosey gave the Award to Wendy. And Wendy gave the Award to me.

The idea as I see it is this. We’re all part of this huge and growing online community, making new cyber friends all the time. It’s quite a compliment to receive the Award, because it means one of your new friends wants to get to know you more.

After initially feeling a bit overwhelmed by this, I am enjoying thinking about ME and what I want to share. So here goes …

1. I am known as catmint but my real name is Sue.
2. I am part of a family of four generations. The oldest is my 97 year young mother and the youngest is my grandchild Joey who is one year old.
3. An ideal 24 hours for me would be 8 hours gardening, 8 hours blogging and 8 hours dreaming about gardening and blogging.
4. My favourite foods include fairy bread (white sliced bread with butter and hundreds and thousands), carrots, iceberg lettuce and jelly babies.
5. I love reading. Among my favourite authors are Peter Carey and Margaret Attwood. My favourite genre is science fiction.
6. My favourite holiday is going to remote wild places. Notable trips have been to the Indian Himalayas, Borneo, the Simpson Desert in Central Australia and Siberia.
7. Some of my friends have retired. I am not retired and enjoy my work as a social worker and being busy.
8. I used to be scared of moths. Now I love and am fascinated by all bugs, even moths and spiders. One exception to this is vine weevils, which ate a lot of my garden one summer.
9. I resist following rules wherever possible. That is why I will stop at 9.

Now we come to the Award Ceremony. Please forgive me if you have already received this award and please ignore it if you wish.

I hereby award the Truth Scrap Award to

1. Hermes has a range of blogs, all of them exquisitively beautiful and interesting, featuring gardens, childrens book illustrations, Victorian art and acquariums.
2. VW is generous. As well as sharing her garden joys and frustrations, she shares her learning curve in garden photography and the technical aspects of blogging.
3. Wicked Gardener as the name indicates has a wicked sense of humour, and her blog is fun to read.
4. Gabby is a landscape designer and I have just discovered her blog which is attractive and informative.
5. Joanne has similar aesthetics as me, loving cottage gardens. I respect and admire the way she authentically relates her garden blog to her health problems and her recovery.
6. Jenny blogs about her Sydney garden. As a fellow Aussie, much of the material is familiar to me, such as rainbow lorikeets. The photos are wonderful, I strongly recommend this blog.
7. Titania is another Aussie blogger. She is a multiple blogger, and a warm, dynamic and interesting person.
8. Pomona Belvedere is a typical blotanical plantaholic with a particular penchant for tulips. Her blog is colourful and a very enjoyable read. Pomona is a sociable and sharing person, who often has guest post-ers.
9. Alice Anastasia is a garden traveller and photographer. You learn so much about gardens all over the world from reading her blog, and she is extremely creative and artistic.


  1. Thank you 'Sue' but though I found your post interesting I don't give away a lot about myself on my blogs (not consciously anyway). Appreciate the thought though.

  2. I always wondered what your real name was. Is it okay if I call you Sue now?

    I love that you are a social worker. My father was a social worker and never retired. He loved his work so much.

    Thank you for letting us learn more about you :)

  3. Catmint/Sue, It's nice to get to learn a little more about you. I love that you're a "rule breaker." Me too! We're a lot alike except for the fairy bread... an aquired taste, methinks. :)

  4. It was fun to learn more about you, Sue! I think I'll try to complete the assignment. Maybe I'll be able to make it all garden related!

  5. how fun! I would love the opportunity to visit those awesome places! Though I have days I wish I could retire (though I'm pretty far from that date), I'm a counselor. With a job like yours where I'm helping people and working directly with people every day, it's hard to want to leave.

    So no number 10, huh?! :)

  6. Hermes, to me you will ever remain a mysterious and appreciated aesthete.

    AZ, it's OK to call me Sue if you wish. It's cool your father was a sw too.

    Grace, if FB is an acquired taste I acquired it when I was about 2 as it was on the menus of every child's birthday parties. And I never outgrew it ...

    VW, look forward to reading about you - I'm sure you will have no trouble making it all garden related.

    Wendy, it's a demanding job - that's one reason why it is important to me to spend time alone gardening.

    Tatyana, you me and Grace are all rule breakers. I wonder how our attitude towards authority affects our gardens?

    Cheers, catmint

  7. Hello Catmint, many thanks for your award. I'm just gradually re-entering the blogging world after a life-enforced absence, and I was just thinking of you and your blog yesterday. I've missed your the combination of observation, rumination, and humor. To me, rule-breaking is what makes gardening exciting and the rest of nature certainly does plenty of it (sporting being a prime example, plus, how often does the weather actually follow a weather report?).

  8. Congrats! I HAMMERED you too!


  9. Awww, thanks Catmint! I needed that to inspire me to get off my duff and post more!

  10. Sue
    Thanks for the award.
    The list of places you've visited is impressive -an intrepid traveler, no doubt about it.
    None of that armchair stuff for you ;-)
    Cheers, mate! (I just love using that word... is it silly or acceptable?) Alice


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