I was awarded this honour by:

- Noelle in Phoenix, Arizona, aka AZplantlady, from Plant Tips and Guidelines for the Desert Garden

- Deborah, a weekend gardener near Toronto, from Green Theatre

- The Violet Fern in upstate New York, from The Violet Fern

Thank you, I am honoured to be chosen by you 3 wonderful cyber friends, fellow bloggers and makers of creative, interesting and informative garden blogs.

I will use this opportunity to point people in the direction of a few blogs that are newly discovered by me. I think these blogs are definitely worth a look, maybe even a follow.

1. Charlotte's The Galloping Gardener

2. Liisa, of Green Mountain Gardener

3. Ruma2008 of Calligraphy in the Landscape

4. Altglobe Blogs, for 'green and spiritual bloggers,' is another blogging community. The way I see it it doesn't compete with blotanical, it can complement it.

5. Bee, From the Desk of Bee Drunken


  1. Catmint,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I am glad that you have been enjoying it. :)
    I am excited to have recently discovered your blog, as well. I really enjoyed your smokebush post, as that is one of my favorites.
    It seems that some bloggers are growing weary of the awards, but I have discovered some wonderful blogs this way!

  2. Hello Catmint,

    I have been enjoying your blog so much. We grow so many plants native to Australia, here in the Arizona desert and I love learning more about my fellow gardeners and their gardens in Australia.

  3. A belated Congrats on your award, Catmint!

    Perhaps I left you a note on Blotanical, but I'm only now catching up on posts ... hundreds! .. in my google reader.

    All best, Alice

  4. An Aussie gardener - joy! There are so many great garden bloggers all over the world, especially the USA, but I find it so difficult to find Aussies. Love your thoughts on mulch, they echo mine(my garden isn't tidy!)and I love the photo of your Adenanthos.
    Thakns for a great read.


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