life and death in the garden

Potter can hardly be thought of as wildlife, but she is so decorative I cannot resist putting a recent photo of her.

I found this brilliant green caterpillar inside the house. I moved it outside where I imagine it will either become a butterfly or be eaten. The green is good camouflage. I placed it on the grapevine because the colours matched pretty well.

Poor ringtail possum. I think it was the possum which lived in my garden, and which I often saw at night. I don't know how it died. I am very sad about this.

I have saved the best news till last. A blackbird has built a nest on the deck just outside the back door, and is sitting on its eggs. I found it difficult to photograph but you can make out its tail and orange beak, especially if the photo is enlarged.


  1. Lovely post Catmint.
    When I saw the blackbird I had to remind myself where you live.
    Nice to see how the other side are enjoying their garden as we go into winter.

  2. I love the bird's nest. We have a pair of finches that are nesting in a nearby tree along with a pair of doves who also nest nearby. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Catmint~~ Sorry about the possum. Your little dog is so cute--the best kind of yard art. Hopefully said caterpillar won't eat the entire grapevine. LOL

  4. Sometimes when I see an adult bird squashed into a tiny nest I wonder how the chicks manage to fit themselves in. They must have velcro on their feet!

  5. Hi Catmint, It is fun to think you are featuring caterpillars and nesting birds. We are (early) in preparation for Winter. We are supposed to be raking leaves... ha. Your pup is very cute.


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