I control the pause button

It's been 2 months and 9 days since I last did any blogging.

I took a break because I was feeling pressured to post often and regularly. I could also feel myself succumbing to the seductiveness of the competitive numbers that measure a blog's success: followers, comments, ranking.

My blog is created in the image of my garden. The garden doesn't depend on my constant efforts. I only garden if I want to, choose to. That is why I don't grow anything that needs a regular supply of water or TLC. If I don't garden for a while it just gets overgrown and weedy - nothing that can't be fixed in a few energetic hours.

I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't blog for a while.

Nothing happened, except that I feel refreshed and renewed in my identity as a Slow Blogger.

I want my blogging, like my gardening, to be meditative, calm, evolving, reflective.

I have written about this before, but I think I need regular revision to remember this lesson.


  1. Welcome back, Catmint! Finding the right amount of time to devote to blogging is essential; blogging should be fun and not a cause of extra stress. I'm glad you took a break when you needed one, but it's nice to see you back.
    One thing I've realized with Blotanical, and even the larger garden blogging world, is that your numbers are closely linked to the time you spend reading and commenting on other blogs. Those with a huge amount of time are going to make the most connections and get the highest numbers for their blog, and those of us with less time need to be satisfied with fewer comments and other numbers. But a smaller group of friends can be just as fun, and much easier to keep track of!

  2. Hi Catmint, your words echo mine...I wrote similar feelings/thoughts a month or so ago. I removed one of the posts that said I was leaving Blotanical...because I decided to stay...but I know exactly how you feel! I don't post often and I haven't left comments like I used to, it just takes up so much time! I even said on my blog that I am tired of being 'popular' and don't want to do favorites or 'picks' anymore. It is a big burden. As VW said, to keep numbers 'up' one must keep at it, over and over and over. After a while it just isn't fun anymore. I've made great friends and contacts who I will be able to visit when I feel like it...but I'm not 'competing' or wanting anything other than to post what I want when I feel like doing so;-) Welcome back:-)

  3. The point is to blog when you feel you have something you want to say. So you can imagine what a mouthy person I am! Welcome back - but never feel pressured.

  4. Hey, I missed you! How is your puppy doing?

  5. Well said and a lesson I am trying to learn. I have not been doing so many posts or even gardening so much but I have been sucked into picking and following instead of just enjoying other blogs.
    Having a friend here visiting for a week will tear me away and put things back into perspective.
    Nice to see you back.

  6. VW, Jan, Hermes, Tatyana and Joanne,
    I feel so welcomed, thank you dear friends. I missed you guys and am really pleased to be back.

    Tatyana, Potter is well, looks like a puppy but is actually an old lady - nearly 9 years old. How your fur child doing?


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