garden tip and garden plea

1. Garden Tip

If you have the problem of a digging dog, you can deter it by placing a saucer of cloudy ammonia in the (filled in) hole. The trouble with using a saucer is that it gets diluted with rain and soil.

So I use this cleverly designed snail trap. Filled with beer, the snails are attracted and end up drowning with a blissful smile on their faces. Now it rarely rains I don’t see snails any more. But filled with ammonia the snail trap repels my dog Potter as well as any other self-respecting canine digger.

2. Garden Plea

Dear Possums,

Can we do a deal? I give you free accommodation and food from the compost. Couldn’t you have a nice dinner without finishing it off with rose petals?

Yours sincerely,


  1. Great tip on the dog digging. My daughter's dog lives with us and she is a pain! Now as to the possums-can't the dog help?:)

  2. Pity Possums (whatever they are!) aren't put off by the same smells as dogs.

    There are some tips here:

    and now I know what the critters look like.

  3. Your Potter is a cutie pie! Possums aren't too big of a problem here but raccoons...Lord have mercy!

  4. The Possums obviously regard the rose petals as dessert!

  5. Tina, thanks for comment, made me laugh. Guard dog for rose petals!

    Hermes, thanks for the link to possum tips, you are, as always an ever ending and wonderful source of info.

    Grace, let's hope a raccoon never marries a possum - a scary combination!

    Easygardener, yes they're very demanding, I offer a perfectly healthy main course but some animals are never satisfied ...

  6. poor roses! Thanks for the diggin' tips:)


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