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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

my most useful garden tools

Could this become a meme? I would love to hear about people's favorite garden tools. Anyway, here are mine.

Number one is this knife. My dear friend GeeGee gave me the knife for a birthday present because there is no decent knife in my kitchen. She did not anticipate it would be used in the garden (sorry GeeGee). But this wonderfully sharp knife has given me the power to do things that I was unable to do before, such as cutting back a large lomandra bush. And this power makes me so-o-o happy.

What would my life be like without my beloved Bluntsone boots? They protect my feet, they are extremely comfortable and when digging compost or planting, I use my boots to aerate the top layer of soil. THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING ... AND KICKING.


  1. I was going to say a really good pair of Wellies and Secataurs - very similar to your choices really.

  2. This is a topic dear to gardening hearts. One of my favorite tools is the reverse of yours, a pruning knife made by the Swiss Army knife co. (and a lot cheaper). This knife is so great that I use it in the kitchen, for opening packages, and it's the garden knife of choice. I do wash it between tasks!

    I recently read a post by a Japanese gardener on the many uses of chopsticks. You can find the link to it on this short post on using tongs (yes, kitchen tongs) as garden tools: http://www.soenyun.com/Blog/2009/05/06/amusing/

  3. What a fun post. I have a small shovel that everyone makes fun of. I carry it all of the gardens.

  4. I use a knife in the garden ALL the time and my roommates make fun of to no end. But a knife is so multi-purpose.

  5. Today I left my stolen-from-the-kitchen-knife at a friend's house after dividing up some daylilies for her and had to grab another from the kitchen drawer. A VERY useful tool! I also love my felco hand pruners, a little foam kneeling pad, and my waterproof gardening gloves.

  6. thanks for the comments, guys. I am so pleased other people use kitchen knives which can double up after a good wash.

    Hermes, I used to wear wellies, but now find the boots more comfortable, and they protect my toes when I scuff the soil.

    Pomona, you get the prize for lateral creative thinking - chopsticks and tongs!

    Darla and Fern, what is it with people making fun of our favourite garden tools????? Could it be they're jealous? (lol)

    VW, I agree with your choices, except the kneeling pads, somehow I never found them comfortable. And the waterproof gloves are no longer waterproof when they get holes in the fingers. which they seem to do often and regularly.

  7. An old pair of secateurs are the most precious to me, it belonged to my great-grand-father, grand-father and then it passed right away to me since it would probably get lost or damaged if it passed through the hands of my father. I used it until recently for all the heavy work and now only when I'm feeling like to wear a straw hat and just go deadheading around. I like it so much that I chose it to be a part of the background of my blog, as you may like to see Catmint: http://hortusamoenus.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi Rubus, they are really superb looking secauteurs. As is your blog, of which I am pleased to say I am now a follower. Cheers, catmint

  9. I believe an old serrated kitchen knife is by far the best tool for dividing just about anything. So I must agree with you on your choice for your most useful tool. :)

  10. Yay! Thanks Cynthia. Another vote for the knife!


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