autumn garden update

Here's a view of the front garden.

And here's a view of the back garden.

Here's the dogwood doing its annual autumn thing.

This is my little zen spot - with water and stones.

And this is what replaces the old cubby. I have planted grevilleas - tough, drought resistant with gorgeous lemony flowers which attract butterflies and will screen the fence asap.


  1. Your garden is looking really good, funny to think of it being Autumn in your part of the world.

  2. I have a red Grevillea which is hardy here (a yellow flowered one died unfortunately). It is always covered in bees when the flowers are out. The only downside is the foliage which is quite prickly so I have to trim it away from the path.

  3. I like your water feature.

  4. Hi Hermes, thanks for the compliment. It's interesting, I can photo the garden and it looks lovely, or I can focus on the gaps, then it doesn't look so good. It is funny being opposite seasons. That reminds me when I was working in a London school many years ago, I heard one student say to another: 'She writes funny like that because she comes from Australia.' Cheers, catmint

  5. Hi Easy, I think there are lots of varieties of grevilleas, and I am lazy when it comes to specific plant identification. Mine isn't prickly, I tend to avoid prickles because I always seem to get scratched. The exception is one climbing rose, which is worth getting scratched for.
    Cheers, catmint.

  6. Thanks Anon. Yours is a very common name in ancient and contemporary times. (lol)


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