once upon a time there was a cubby

Once upon a time there was a cubby. It was meant to be a tree house, and at its best, could barely be seen - hidden within thick foliage.

Over time the children grew up. The tree enfolding the cubby got eaten by possums and died. As the climate got warmer and drier the kiwifruit climbing over the cubby also died.

The cubby no longer looked so inviting, soft or romantic. But visiting children still played in it.

Over time the cubby lost its solidity. The wood warped and there was concern that the cubby was unsafe.

A painful decision was made. The cubby was to go.

So far nothing replaces the cubby, the memories and the soft shade it provided.


  1. In the end it served its purpose but reminds you of good times and happy faces. Wonderful.

  2. What a cool looking cubby it was. I like the A-frame design and the horizontal shingles. I know what you mean. When safety becomes an issue, something has to be done. Better the cubby than a child. Still, it's hard. My son built the playhouse we're razing. The floor boards are rotted but otherwise it could go a few more years. But my youngest is 16 and would rather be on Live Chat (or whatever) with her friends.


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