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In his critique of another writer, Stephen Downes gives some helpful tips on managing a blog, http://www.downes.ca/post/38550

This goes a little way in helping me to re-orient myself after the shock of joining Blotanical, a hub for garden fanatics and bloggers worldwide - http://www.blotanical.com/".

It was a bit of a worry - to say the least - when I realized that as well as gardening and writing my blog, I now have the opportunity to spend happy hours reading other blogs and communicating with fellow garden bloggers. How will I find time for my non botanical significant others? Not to mention sleeping. (Eating I always seem to find time for).

Challenging not very functional feelings arose: will I be popular? what are the rules here? Is my blog as good as others? What's a blog for anyway?

Then I read the Downes piece. "The keys to blogging (if not being Prom
Queen) are honesty, integrity and meaningfulness. You will gain much
more if you just write what you need or want to write and let the
audience fall where it may."

The original name of this blog was Slow Gardening. Gardens, like life, exist in time. So I will continue to let my blog evolve, and time will reveal how being a Blotanist affects my life.


  1. I'd say you'll spend more time with Blotanical than you anticipate - and get to know all sorts of interesting people around the world . . . and probably find your views on life change a little as you go.

    Best wishes


    (And thank you for being a PICTURES JUST PICTURES Follower.)

  2. Good perspective, Catmint. Blotanical does feel like a popularity contest at times - though it's so much FUN - but I shouldn't concentrate too much on what posts would attract the most attention and instead write meaningfully. Regards - VW


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