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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


In a past post I said I disliked pigeons. I don't feel like this any more. I love their gentle cooing and their subtle colours.

I think pigeons generally get a bad rap. They're fantastic urban survivors. They're not aggressive like Indian myenah birds. They don't invade people's homes like rats and mice.

An acquaintance of mine had a close relationship with a pigeon he called Yona. He wrote to me about her: "I had Yona for about 4 years and our relationship was unbelievable. I did not imagine that a pigeon could have such an amazing system of emotions and intelligence. "

Pigeons are part of the wildlife environment round here and they are welcome in this garden.

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