generous plants

Generous plants ... that's what I like. Not stingy fusspots that need to be coaxed and bribed, but plants that grow too big for their spot, then don't mind being dug up and relegated to a new phase of life in the compost heap. Why should they mind? They have completed their reproductive function and left progeny to continue the cycle of life.

A few days ago I dug up a couple of large lomandras (l. longifolia I think) which had been in for quite a few years, and a large euphorbia plant. I also dug up lots of wandering acanthus, but it seems virtually impossible to remove all the roots and I know they'll be back. It was very exciting to see the changed picture, lighter, more delicate.

I considered digging up some more large lomandras, but I think that when the nearby currently small eucaplyts grow, the size may be more in harmonious proportion... or not.