plants in my garden

Here is a list of the top performers in my garden - lovely looking, reliable and virtually indestructible in the right place in soil that suits them - they include Australian natives and "exotics" - I like to mix them together.

Trees or shrubs:
Tea Tree, or leptospermum - a few varieties
Baeckias - a few varieties
Eucalyptus Leucoxylon Rosea Dwarf form - a smaller gum tree for a suburban garden
Thyptomene Calycina
Cotinus or Smoke Bush
Adenanthos Sericea or Red Flowering Albany Woollybush - I've planted it in a semi circle around a seat for cosiness
Banksia rose, white and yellow
Plumbago - covers the fence on 3 sides in the front garden, I see it as a picture frame

Medium size - from about 30 - 100 cms plus:
Hellebores - a few different varieties - all prefer shade and self seed.
Blue Fescue grass - I use it for edging a curving path.
Euphorbia - self seeds generously
Correa Pulchella - salmon coloured flowers, Australian native
Culcita Dubia or Rainbow Fern - needs shade but thrives without water
Red Valerian - old fashioned flowering plant
Lomandra - Australian native grass in different sizes, fantastic for green fillers or statements.
Salvia Iced Lemon - great gap filler, great planted in groups
Garlic chives - white starry flowers - every so often I divide them and they've kept increasing in number for 20 years
Tulbaghia violacea or Society Garlic - pink flowers
Echiums - statuesque even when not in flower
Brachysema - Australian native, wattle birds love the red or black flowers, they like shade.
Limonium perezii or Sea Lavender - nearly always in flower, blue flowers, generous when divided
Derwentia perforliata - also known as Diggers Speedwell

Ground cover:
Catmint - my namesake
Forget - Me - Not - self seeds
Love In the Mist - self seeds
Poppies - self seeds
Seaside daisies - divide and increase
Oregano - divide and increase
Achillea - pink flowers - helps compost break down quicker - divide and increase

I could list more, but these really are my top favourites.


  1. thank you, thebench. I am familiar with this helleborus, it is divine. I plan to write a post on where I get my plants, and Heronswood is THE place for non natives.


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