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I started this blog in 2008. It started mainly as a way of tracking the evolution of my dry garden, and that led to an interest in photography and in the creatures that live in the garden. It's still about the garden and wildlife, but now my passion is thinking about how we humans can learn to co-exist with wild animals and plants, especially in urban areas.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

planned or spontaneous

Sometimes my gardening activities are carefully planned, complete with rituals. I know I have at least a few hours free. So I put on my gardening clothes, old comfortable shorts and tops. I put on socks, sunblock, hat, Blundstone boots and garden gloves- in that order. Then I go outside and decide what bit to tackle and what to do. I don't care if it's raining or cold or hot. I pretend I don't hear the phone. After a bit I am hungry or thirsty. I go inside, and am surprised that 3 or 4 hours have passed.

Sometimes I go into the garden for a specific purpose. I go into the back garden in order to put stuff from the kitchen to the compost. I go through the front garden to get the newspaper which has been delivered and left outside. As I walk along I check, note little changes, how things are going. I may see a weed. Or it may be hard to walk through the gate without getting sticky blue petals on your clothes and in your hair. If I don't absolutely have to be somewhere else in a short time, suddenly there I am, bending, kneeling, gardening - barefooted and barehanded. I go inside, and am surprised that 3 or 4 hours have passed.


  1. Wow!,
    Sue, Your blog is amazing!
    (as well as your garden of course)
    Im so glad i had a look at it,
    Hmmm its so diffrent from seeing your garden up-front,
    The photos give a set personality for what your trying to express, yet the full garden is full of whizing emotions. I love both of them
    Any who, im suprised im your first comment...

    Its annoying the film festival has finished, I loved the Japanese dinner

    Lots of Love David Z-J

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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