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This blog tracks the ongoing changes of my garden, and the wildlife I try to attract to it. It's a nature blog. It contains my thoughts and musings about anything and everything to do with nature - gardening, book reviews, philosophy, travel, science, history, art, design, politics.
Catmint is my signature plant because it has all the qualities I value in a plant: resilience, beauty and the capacity to spread prolifically . Unfortunately it's not indigenous. If I was starting again I'd probably choose an indigenous plant.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The sound of one hand clapping

The Zen of Blogging is a free ebook written by Hunter Nuttall.

I have been looking for the rules in blogging and now I think I have my answer: just go with the flow. It's OK if I want to answer the comments on my posts, but it's OK not to as well. The same goes for length of posts and frequency of posting, and everything else to do with blogging.

It's also worth looking at this ebook just for the beautiful images.

Thank you, Hunter.


  1. Hi Catmint, happy 2009 to you and yours! Thanks for the heads up about this, I will put it on my reading list, for it sounds just right! Freedom, the key to blogging!

  2. Hi again, the link isn't working to get to the article. I will try and find it another way, but you might want to fix it. :-)

  3. Happy New Year Catmint!

    A agree. I have been taken aback, from time to time, by the conventions that have grown up around blogging.

    Can't see why there should be any.

    This is your space - and it's kind of you to invite us into it. How you run it is part of the fun and the variety.

    Best wishes for 2009


    (P.S. When I first started blogging, I was reluctant to reply to any comments, even to leave comments on other blogs. I was worried people would think I was only responding to them as a way of getting them to carry on reading my blog, instead of reading it because they wanted to and because they enjoyed it.

    Now I realise people really do like to hear a voice back and forth . . . and there is fun in that too!


  4. Hi there! The beauty of blogging is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like and however you like. If folks want to read, then fine, if not, that is fine too, talking or not is fine. You see I have learned there are literally thousands of blogs and bloggers and if you don't find the right flavor at first, try try again-but the blogger must be happy doing whatever they do. I will check out the book. Sounds interesting but I think each blogger has to find their very own special niche, as blogs are as individual as the blogger. How is that for zen:) Have a great day!

  5. Thanks catmint for the tip; I will go and have a look at this book. If it is alright with you I put you on my blog list. I like to come back into your Melbourne garden. Hope you have a lovely gardening year.

  6. Hi Frances, it is strange that the link isn't working for you because it works for me. I will check it out though. You can find it through Google, but if you have difficulty let me know and I'll be more specific. I think it's certainly worth reading. I love and value Blotanica but it is very competitive, and I know I am not the only one who struggles with that at times. Although maybe it is character building????

  7. Hi Lucy, thanks for your valuable comment - you're right, it's about working out what we want to do, how we want to express ourselves, just do it and have fun. For me blogging still feels new although I guess no one has exactly been doing it for years and years. And it is opening up a whole new world. I have just got a new camera, a SLR, and I am getting interested in photography as well now.

  8. Hi Titania, thanks for your definitely zen-like comments. I am enjoying doing the blogging thing but also talking about the process. I am honoured to be on your blog list!!!!!

  9. Hi Tina, fellow zen aspirer, hope you find the ebook OK and I would love to know what you think of it.

  10. Hi from Val at Pencil and Leaf. thanks for your fave. I have very mixed feelings about blogs. My own motivation was just to get myself to draw everyday. I am so happy if people find it and like it but I decided not to enter into any of the competitive aspects, (only with myself :)..) so much so that I dont have a blog list and havnt faved anyone in blotanical, because once I start where would I stop!..There are some wonderful blogs out there and I just try to keep and eye on them when I have time. I look forward to reading about your garden. I have become so interested in Australian plants. Am just researching Ellis Rowan..some lady! ..fascinating

  11. HI Val, good on you for not getting into the whole fave thing. I am enjoying the communication but still working out how not to get information overload. I would love to hear more about your interest in Australian plants. I must confess I have never heard of Ellis Rowan. Who is she? Edna Walling is probably the Australian garden designer and writer who I most admire and who most influenced me.


I love to get feedback and comments, and getting to know other bloggers. I also appreciate corrections if you detect an error, because I'm not an expert, but a self taught enthusiastic amateur on a steep learning curve.

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